Introduction to Geocaching Gear and Supplies

Introduction to Geocaching Gear and Supplies


Geocaching is known by many names. It has been called everything from high-tech hide-and-seek, global stash hunting to a more modern version of the Easter egg hunt 38 super ammo for sale   . Geocaching is a very fun adventure game for GPS users. To enjoy your geocaching adventure, we have listed a few geocaching gear and supplies for you to consider.

o GPS Unit. A GPS receiver is the most essential gear you need for geocaching. You need to input the geocache coordinates into your GPS in order to find it. Garmin is number one when considering GPS for geocaching with their host of products to make sure you find that big cache. With a Garmin GPS in your hand and an appetite for adventure, you will definitely find all the geocache around the world.

o Geocache Containers. A geocache is a small container hidden by geocachers. Some are hidden in forests or deserts while some are buried in urban areas. If you decide to hide your very own cache, you must use the right type of container. Ammo cans are the best container for geocaching. They are very cheap, designed for the outdoors and waterproof. The tupperware box is the most common and cheapest geocache container around. It is quite waterproof, strong and comes in a variety of sizes. It can easily be wedged in any nooks and crannies and it looks innocent unlike ammo cans. Film canisters, bison tubes and small magnetic tubes are used for micro and nano caches.

o GeoCoins. GeoCoins are numbered geocaching coins that were made to give geocachers a collectable, tradable and trackable cache prize. You can leave them in your geocache for other geocachers to find or trade them.

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