A Clean Spray Gun is Worth Gold – Properly Cleaning Your Paint Gun

 A Clean Spray Gun is Worth Gold – Properly Cleaning Your Paint Gun


Another important step in auto painting is to properly clean and maintain your tools and equipment. .38 special ammo  This article is going to emphasize properly cleaning your spray gun.

You Made It This Far
One of the common problems that I have seen as an instructor is students trying to paint with pattern problems. An improperly cleaned paint gun can cause a number of problems, which could have been prevented if the spray gun would have been properly cleaned the prior use. You spent hours repairing and prepping this car, don’t let a dirty spray gun ruin it for you.

It is really simple to prevent many of the spraying problems by proper cleaning. The key is to clean it each time that you use the spray gun. There are different cleaning systems, but they are all designed to remove all coatings from inside and outside of the gun. Once the gun is clean you can wipe it dry and store it for the next use.

No Lunch Breaks
Another thing that you don’t want to do is to finish painting a car and decide to go to lunch before cleaning the gun. If you do, it may be too late. All catalyzed products have a pot life. This is the time you have once the chemicals are mixed together before it starts to harden. Many of the coating that we use have a 30 minute or less pot life. Therefore, if you finished clear coating a car and decide to clean up and go to lunch, you may come back to a gun full of jell. This makes it very difficult to clean the gun. It now may require a full tear down and thoroughly clean each part. No lunch breaks, clean it immediately after each use.

Cleaning Procedure



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