Seeking Out the Best Paid Delivery Work

 Seeking Out the Best Paid Delivery Work


While undoubtedly a profession where good money can be earned, there can be considerable variation in the amounts earned by workers in the haulage industry. Those  Nangs Delivery Brisbane who are prepared to specialise in particular types of delivery work stand to make a very decent profit. Some take the challenge of navigating foreign roads and delivering potentially hazardous goods, for example – some examples of which are described below.

Chemical Transportation

Those drivers who manage to secure contracts with the leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies are certainly very well financially rewarded. In taking responsibility for ensuring the safe transportation of potentially dangerous supplies, these drivers are required to comply with stringent safety regulations. However, the effort is well worth it and they have the opportunity to develop outstanding reputations and establish long-term business relationships with niche chemical companies.

Ice Road Truckers

Intrepid drivers may be tempted by the prospect of taking on lucrative ice road trucking jobs after watching the internationally acclaimed television programme. However, they may be surprised by the extreme physical and mental strength required to complete such jobs. Those who’ve managed to endure such draining trips across the barren lands of North America are rewarded with large amounts of money, but, for many, once is enough and they are reluctant to take on regular delivery work in such extreme conditions.

Dump Truck Driving

Large numbers of UK drivers have been tempted to immigrate to Australia to work in the huge open cut mines. While certainly a little different from regular delivery work, their experience with large vehicles sets them in good stead. After undertaking an advanced course in the handling of large articulated lorries and dump trucks, some of the hardest working truckers are reported to be earning in excess of £50,000 per year. The long working hours and exacting demands of the mining companies are not for everyone, however.



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