Career Opportunities in Picture Making

Picture making is one of the prestigious branches of visual arts. There are countless career or job avenues that are readily available in the field of picture making. All these career opportunities provide numerous financial gains that can help learners cater for themselves and their families. Some of these wonderful job prospects have been discussed below.

Advertising consultant: He is an expert in the field of advertisement of products and services. He is usually consulted to give technical 먹튀검증.Interior Decorator: He is an artist who decorates the interiors or inner parts of buildings such as homes, offices, churches and other public buildings in an artistic fashion especially during occasions like weddings etc.. advice on the right form of advertisement to choose for a particular product or service.

Landscape Painter: He is a picture maker who make painting on canvas and other materials depicting activities on land such as market scenes, festivals etc.

Print maker: An artist who is skilled in printing and engages in the printing of projects. He implements the various printing technologies in producing prints on T-shirts, banners, cups etc.

Gallery Owner: An owner and/or caretaker of an art gallery (a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited). He oversees the selling and trading of the works of art in the gallery.

Curator: An art historian who serves as a custodian in charge of an art museum or centre where there is a great collection of artefacts such as paintings etc.In 1966, “The Endless Summer” was released for the first time and became one of the most influential films of the surf movie genre, if not the best in history. The documentary followed two surfers on a surfing trip around the world: too cold to surf in California in winter season, they decide to travel to the coasts of Africa, Australia and Hawaii. “The Endless Summer II” was released in 1994, continuing the tradition and highlighted the beaches of Costa Rica. The title comes from the last line in the first movie which suggests that if time and money were no concern, that it would be possible to follow the “endless summer” all over the globe. The appearance of Costa Rica beaches in the film actually did much to elevate the visibility of the country, and in particular “Witch’s Rock” the very first stop of the “The Endless Summer II.

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